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RST is a new concept, a new idea. If we can find a way to make horse rescue sustainable, we can ultimately do more for the horses. As we have grown over the last five and a half years, we have become not only more passionate about what we are doing, but even more determined to see change and to give horses the second chance that they deserve. With that comes the need for more space.

Our team works tirelessly to rescue and care for the horses that have, for various reasons, ended up with seemingly no where to go; owner surrenders, animal control intakes, abandoned, wild, abused, starved and injured. Furthermore, we believe that community involvement is key to our success and we love to bring people together to not only learn about these beautiful animals and the importance of rescue work, but how so much 'concepts' like this one are needed for the betterment of them overall.


What it comes down to is that with more room, we can save more lives.

Please join us in our mission to do and offer more and to help us make a difference in the world of horse and donkey rescue.

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Phase 2: GoalMeter

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phases of growth

Click here to learn more about not only phase 1, but the different phases of growth the property needs to expand to be able to maximize its potential, and how you can help!

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donate specifically towards the RST property and Phase 1 of the build out

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