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getting it done

Setting this property up for success will be done in three phases, with the first phase being the biggest due to having to have fencing installed all over the property, in addition to shelters. This is THE MOST important aspect of the property. Phases two and three include additional stalls for medical cases, more paddocks/pastures for rescues, a proper quarantine area, shelters and a vet and farrier work station including stocks to be able to safely doctor and treat horses.

Henrietta Phases 3_edited.jpg


Phase 1 is focused around fencing in the first 25 acres of the property. This will house the mustang herd specifically. 


Phase 1 includes:

Pipe for fencing $7600

Gates $1000

Welder $4800

Wire $2300

Mower $3600

Auger $850

Roofing Tin $1700

Trusses $400

Water Tank Extension $5000

Building Supplies $1300

Concrete $600

Total: $28,850+

Henrietta Phases 2_edited_edited.jpg


Phase 2 will include the 23 individual stalls needed for horses needing special medical care and/or meds. It also includes a wash rack for doctoring and bathing, and a stock to be able to safely trim draft horses as well as for the vet to use when they are out for appointments. This is a VERY important and needed Phase which will allow us to give the new intakes 100% of everything they need to heal and recover.

Phase 2 includes:

Roofing Tin: $9800

Pipe for Fencing: $7000

Gates for stalls: $3500

Welded Wire: $4600

Gate Latches: $850

C. Perlings: $2000

Total: $27,750+



Phase 3 will encompass fencing in the remaining 30 acres which includes additional fencing to create more paddocks/pastures as well as shelters so that we can further increase the amount of horses and donkeys that we can bring in, house and care for.



Every $1000 donation comes with your choice of either a metal sign along the fence line of the property that lines the entrance.

$5000 donation comes with a metal sign on one of the 11 stalls that will be built to provide a more focuses one on one treatment plan for the horse or donkey.

Each Sponsored Area is available as a one time donation. A metal sign honoring the donor will be placed visibly in that area.

Tree House overlooking the mustang paddock
Available Sponsorships 0

$5000 --SPONSORED--

Available Sponsorships: 1

Gate Sponsor
Available Sponsorships: 11


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