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the Merchadise


100% of the proceeds go directly to supporting RST, its growth and most importantly the animals who need it most.


the Hats

The hats. We wanted the hats to be something special. To not just be 'a hat'. We wanted them to be a piece that anyone can wear and take pride in, but that is limited. To tell a story. With each new property we are able to open under the RST vision, the color of the bird will change. Each color coming together to create a beautiful portrait of colors that all represent a whole heck of a lot of good being done.


the Art

Art has always, ALWAYS been in my heart. RST is a way for me to explore my creative side while supporting my passion and heart, which are the animals I love. The pieces are designed by me and are incredibly limited and one of a kind. I hope you love them as much as I do.

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